The following summarizes noteworthy recent developments regarding the NY SAFE Act:

  • In a press conference on February 27, 2013, Governor Andrew Cuomo acknowledged the need for a “clean up” amendment to the NY SAFE Act.  As noted in our prior alerts, there are many inconsistencies and apparent drafting errors in the NY SAFE Act.  Yesterday the Governor spoke of the need for a “Hollywood exception” to clarify that prop assault weapons could still be used in film and television productions in New York State: “I don’t know that legally (a prop firearm) would even be classified as an assault weapon. … But people want certainty, and there’s no reason not to make a change like that to give people and an industry comfort.”   He also spoke of making changes to the NY SAFE Act to allow police officers to keep their high-capacity magazines and to allow police officers to take a loaded firearm onto school grounds without the prior written permission of school officials, which are the two drafting errors that have received the most attention and criticism.
  • In a February 28, 2013 rally at the State Capitol in Albany, a reported 5,000 protestors gathered to call for repeal of the NY SAFE Act.  This event was organized by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, which has brought a constitutional challenge to the NY SAFE Act.

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