The following summarizes noteworthy developments regarding the NY SAFE Act:

  •  As noted in our previous post, a group of New York-based firearm organizations led by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, with support from the National Rifle Association, has started a constitutional challenge against the NY SAFE Act.
  • New York State officials recently held several open meetings in upstate New York to answer questions about the NY SAFE Act, as listed here.   Local news organizations covering these events generally reported that audience members were critical of the NY SAFE Act and confused about how and when it would apply to them.  An example of this can be found here where one firearm dealer is quoted as saying:  “when it’s too unclear it’s unfair to us. Then we’re [dealers] trying to tell our customers what’s the right way to do things and we can’t even give them answers.”  Another example can be found here, where another dealer says:  “If we have a question, we’re supposed to ask the state police; but they’re confused too, they were caught off guard like everybody else.”
  • The New York State Sheriffs’ Association wrote to Governor Cuomo to deliver a position statement regarding the NY SAFE Act, which can be found hereWhile the New York Sheriffs support many of the provisions of the NY SAFE Act, they “strongly believe that modifications are needed to clarify the intent of some of these new provisions.”  The New York Sheriffs’ letter indicates that the Governor and the New York Legislature are contemplating making amendments to the NY SAFE Act, at least to clarify its intent.
  • Governor Cuomo’s approval rating fell sharply among New York voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll which can found here and which is reported on by The New York Times here.

Any questions you may have about the NY SAFE Act should be directed to Chris Renzulli ([email protected]).