June 27, 2014: On Tuesday, the Chicago City Council unanimously approved Ordinance 4271, forcing firearms retailers to video-record sales and restricting firearms purchases to one a month. The highly-restrictive Ordinance is the City Council’s response to Judge Edmond Chang’s January 6, 2014 ruling that struck down an outright ban of firearm sales in Chicago. If Mayor Rahm Emanuel signs the Ordinance into law, the special-use zoning regulations within the Ordinance would make 99.5% of the city off-limits to firearm retail shops and there would be a $3,800 fee for firearm dealers to obtain a license. Further, firearm retailer employees will be required to attend a mandatory training program on how to spot and stop “straw purchasers” and there will be a 72-hour waiting period to purchase handguns in Chicago. A copy of Ordinance 4271 can be found here.