Florida Considers Tightening of Backyard Range Rules

The Florida House has passed a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to discharge a firearm for recreational purposes in a residential area with a density of one or more housing units per acre. If passed by the Senate (and signed into law), the bill (couched as an amendment to House Bill 995 and Senate Bill 1444) would change the current law, which allows individuals to discharge firearms on residential property unless it is done “recklessly or negligently.” The bill is seen by many as a compromise, as it comes in the wake of a recent failed house bill (in March) which attempted to make illegal recreational residential shooting in areas with even lower density than one housing unit per acre. The bill can be found here

Sweeping Firearm Reform in North Carolina Headed to House Floor

House Bill 562, sponsored by Representative Jacqueline Schaffer (R), seeks to revamp North Carolina’s concealed carry and firearm laws. The bill – which passed the House Judiciary Committee this week – would amend the current law to (amongst other things) allow: permit holders to bring their handgun onto public property like schools, stadiums and auditoriums (but only if the firearm is secured in their vehicle); legal suppressors while hunting; and court officers to bring a concealed firearm into courtrooms with a valid permit. A copy of House Bill 562 can be found here.

Judge Refuses to Dismiss NRA’s Lawsuit Against City of Philadelphia

Judge Linda Carpenter (Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia County) ruled this week that the NRA’s lawsuit challenging the City of Philadelphia’s firearm regulations may continue. State law in Pennsylvania bars municipalities from approving and instituting their own ordinances that regulate the ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms or ammunition, but several cities and towns (including Philadelphia) have passed their own laws that expand upon the restrictions provided under state law.  House Bill 80, signed into law in January, allows groups like the NRA the ability to sue to overturn municipal ordinances. In the months since HB 80 was passed, upwards of 25 Pennsylvania cities agreed to eliminate their local firearm laws rather than face litigation. A copy of House Bill 80 can be found here 

Renzulli Law Firm is Monitoring Firearm-Related Legislative Developments

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