January 15, 2015:

Kentucky Representative Introduces Bill Which Would Repeal “Gun-Free School Zones”

Earlier this week, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie (R) introduced HR 86, the Safe Students Act. If passed, the legislation would repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, a bill that “made it unlawful for any individual knowingly to possess a firearm in a place that he knew or had reasonable cause to believe was a school zone.” In support of the bill, Congressmen Massie noted that gun-free school zones are ineffective and make people less safe by inviting criminals into no-risk environments. A copy of HR 86 can be found here.

Texas Leads the Way in Background Checks

Newly-released statistics show that the State of Texas led the nation in number of background check requests for firearm purchases in 2014. The state’s requests totaled over 1 million for the second straight year. Although Texas conducted the most background checks, the state of Oklahoma had the most requests per-person (1 request per every 13 people), with Alabama claiming the second spot (1 request per every 19 people).

Families of Two Sandy Hook Victims to Bring Suit Against Town and School Board

The parents of two first-grade victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have filed a wrongful death suit against the town of Newtown and the Newtown Board of Education. The suit alleges that security measures at Sandy Hook Elementary were inadequate. Namely, that classroom doors could only be locked from the outside with keys, and the front of the school did not have security glass which would have protected individuals inside the school against gunshots.  A copy of the lawsuit can be found here.

Missouri Representative Proposes Domestic Assailant Firearm Bill 

Representative Stacey Newman (D) filed HB 418 earlier this week, a bill which would make it illegal for those found guilty of domestic assault to possess a firearm in the State of Missouri. The bill also makes it illegal for an individual who has had a restraining order filed against them for harassing, stalking or threatening a victim to possess a firearm. If approved, the bill would allow law enforcement officers to legally remove a firearm from the scene of suspected domestic assaults. A copy of HB 418 can be found here.

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