Legislators in Maryland have recently introduced three house bills designed to regulate various aspects of the firearms industry. Here is the Renzulli Run Down of what you need to know:

House Bill 1257 is a proposed amendment to the Firearms Dealers’ Safety Act in Maryland. The Act requires licensed dealers to keep records of all firearms acquisitions and dispositions.  House Bill 1257 would impose additional requirements for record retention, including electronic maintenance of firearms acquisitions and dispositions records and further require that these records be updated within one business day of an acquisition, and within seven business days of a disposition.  The bill also requires dealers to conduct audio-visual recordings of all firearms acquisitions and dispositions and to retain the recordings for a minimum of one year. Additionally, dealers would be required to maintain written procedures for preventing theft of inventory, and a liability insurance policy of no less than $2,000,000. Dealers would also be prohibited from employing anyone who is legally precluded from possessing a firearm, shotgun or rifle.  These mandates could have a financial impact on dealers and the potential for an increase in the retail cost of firearms in Maryland.

House Bill 910 is a proposed law that would prohibit the manufacturing, possession, and sale of firearms that lack serial numbers issued by a federally licensed firearms manufacturer. House Bill 910 includes language that sweeps broadly to include un-serialized objects that are “marketed or advertised to be, or that a reasonable person would understand to be” intended for use in assembling a firearm. In addition, House Bill 910, which models and expands upon the federal legislation codified in the Undetectable Firearms Act, prohibits 3D printing of firearms and undetectable firearms.  The provisions in House Bill 910 are similar to those recently enacted in Washington State in an effort to prevent a rise in the prevalence of undetectable, untraceable, and/or homemade firearms.

House Bill 1078 is a proposed law that would prohibit the expenditure of school funds to provide teachers with firearms training. On its face, it appears to be intended to prevent schools from training teachers to carry firearms while working in schools.

Renzulli Law Firm, LLP will continue to monitor the above legislation as it progresses through the legislative process in Maryland, as well as similar legislative efforts in other states across the country. If you have any questions concerning the above legislation, please contact John F. Renzulli or Christopher Renzulli.