May 22, 2020

In Maryland, as the legislature attempted to criminalize private transfers of long guns, Governor Hogan stood up for gun rights and vetoed the legislation. The bill would have required a Federal Firearms Licensee to facilitate the transfer, with associated fees, and a NICS background check of the transferee before privately selling, renting, loaning or transferring a rifle or shotgun to an individual. The bill excluded transfers between immediate family members, as defined, police, military, and the transfer of inoperable long guns. A violation carried a penalty of $10,000 and the potential for up to 6 months in prison. Although advocates of the legislation claim that the legislative intent was to make Maryland safer and reduce violent crime, there did not appear to be ample research supporting the proposition that such a measure would have an appreciable effect on crime. In contrast, FBI statistics showed that almost all homicides committed in Maryland involved handguns.

We will continue to follow the action in Maryland and keep you apprised of any significant developments.
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