October 6, 2014:

NY Follows in CA’s Footsteps, Introduces “Gun Restraining Order Bill”

New York Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh (D) is in the process of introducing New York’s version of “Gun Violence Restraining Order” legislation. The proposal comes less than one week after California passed Assembly Bill 1014, which allows immediate family members or law enforcement officers to submit a request to a judge for a firearm “restraining order” for people who are said to pose a danger or threat. The New York bill would authorize a judge to set forth an order to confiscate the individual’s firearms upon a showing that there is “clear and convincing evidence of danger.” Tom King, President of the NY State Rifle and Pistol Association, remarked that “the legislation is redundant” in that there is already legislation within the SAFE Act that addresses ownership of firearms by those with mental health issues.

Chicago Zoning Restrictions on Shooting Ranges Struck Down

US District Judge Virginia M. Kendall recently held that certain restrictions placed on Chicago’s gun-range hours and zoning violated the Second Amendment. The case which led to Judge Kendall’s decision, Ezell v. City of Chicago, was filed in 2010 by a gun range designer, several range shooters and the Second Amendment Foundation in response to the City of Chicago’s prohibition of firing ranges. In 2011, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals modified the City of Chicago’s outright prohibition and instead implemented several restrictions, including a requirement that ranges only be allowed to operate between 9 am and 8 pm. In her decision, Judge Kendall struck down this hours of operation restriction, but upheld requirements that ranges be at least 500 yards away from schools and that minors are prohibited from shooting at the ranges. A copy of Judge Kendall’s decision can be found here.

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