June 5, 2021

On May 18, 2021, seven Democratic members of the House of Representatives introduced H.R. 3299, the Protecting Our Communities Act.  The text of H.R. 3299 is not yet available and its official name is currently “To help reduce gun violence through background checks and the National Firearms Act and for other purposes.”  Based on statements provided by one of its sponsors, H.R. 3299 will regulate “ghost guns” by requiring “gun kits” to include a serial number and a background check to complete a sale.  This will presumably require 80% receivers to be treated as firearms.  It will also regulate “concealable assault rifles which fire armor-piercing ammunition” pursuant to the National Firearms Act.  This provision is presumably designed to regulate AR-type pistols with stabilizing braces as short-barreled rifles.  HR 3299 would also codify into statute the ATF’s current regulations banning “bump stocks.”  It would also require the federal government to notify state and local law enforcement officials within 24 hours “when an ineligible individual lies on a background check and tries to purchase a firearm,” which presumably applies to anyone who receives a “denied” in response to a NICS check.

Renzulli Law Firm, LLP is continuing to monitor gun control legislation and will provide an update when the actual language of H.R. 3299 becomes available.  If you have any questions regarding gun control laws, please contact John F. Renzulli or Christopher Renzulli.