June 10, 2014: NJ Assembly Bill 2006, which would reduce the maximum magazine capacity in NJ to 10 rounds from its current limit of 15 rounds, recently passed both houses of the NJ legislature. The bill includes limited exceptions for retired law enforcement personnel and tubular feeding devices which are only capable of holding 15 rounds of .22 caliber rimfire ammunition. Governor Christie has until early July to approve or veto the bill. If the bill is approved, the new law will take effect on the first day of the third month following enactment.

Last week, NJ State Senator Dick Codey introduced legislation which would temporarily prohibit “mentally unstable” persons from buying and possessing firearms after family, partners or friends call police to report the unstable person. Police could then request a restraining order from a judge which would bar the purchase or possession of a firearm for a period of time. After the restraining order time period (determined by the judge) concludes, the judge would then rule whether the restraining order should be lifted or not. The existing law provides that, absent some limited exceptions, a mentally ill NJ resident must be involuntarily committed to a mental institution in order for law enforcement to confiscate his/her firearm.