Renzulli Law Firm recently obtained summary judgment for a major firearms manufacturer.  The plaintiff, a Westchester County (NY) police officer, was injured when he was shot in the leg by a fellow officer.  Reports following the incident indicated that the fellow officer attempted to activate an accessory tactical light mounted underneath the barrel of his pistol and accidentally pulled the trigger of the pistol resulting in significant permanent injuries to the plaintiff.

Plaintiff commenced litigation against the manufacturer of both the pistol and the tactical light, alleging that the pistol and tactical light were both defective in design.  Renzulli Law Firm successfully defeated plaintiff’s theories of defect with respect to the pistol through effective questioning of plaintiff’s design and handling experts.  By performing thorough research and carefully questioning plaintiff’s experts, Renzulli Law Firm was able to elicit testimony demonstrating that the pistol was not defective in any way and was not a proximate cause of plaintiff’s injuries, leaving no issue of fact for the jury to decide.  In fact, given the testimony plaintiff was essentially unable to oppose summary judgment.  Accordingly, United States District Judge Sidney H. Stein granted the motion and dismissed the firearms manufacturer from the case.  The case is proceeding to trial against the manufacturer of the tactical light.  Renzulli Law Firm did not represent the manufacturer of the tactical light.

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