March 2, 2015:

RLF Convinces Mass. Court to Allow Construction to Begin on Gun Range

A rod and gun club in Massachusetts that had been in operation for over eighty-five (85) years was ordered, amongst other things, to close down its fifty-yard firearm range due to claimed safety concerns of neighboring homeowners. After a trial and comprehensive post-trial briefing, including multiple competing range design proposals by firearm range design experts and modification of the rod and gun club’s rules and procedures, Renzulli Law Firm attorneys convinced the Massachusetts Superior Court to approve the rod and gun club’s proposed modifications and permit construction on the range to begin immediately.  The range will be reopened following the construction.   

Proposed Federal Ammo Ban Boosts Sales

The ATF announced a proposal last week that, if enacted, would ban the manufacture, import, sale and delivery of certain 5.56 ammunition. As a result, firearm retailers around the country are seeing a spike in ammo sales. Distributors have also reported a shortage of such ammunition due to high demand of consumers. The comment period for the proposed ammo ban ends on March 16th.

Michigan House Approves New Legislation

The Michigan House of Representatives approved several bills this week, including one that aims to speed up the issuance and renewal of concealed carry permits (SB 789). Originally introduced by Senator Michael Greene (R) in 2014, SB 789 is in response to an increase in concealed carry applications, and the delay that applicants were experiencing due to the requirement that many of them go before county licensing boards. SB 789 eliminates the county licensing board from the process, and tasks the State Police with performing background checks.  The Michigan House also passed the “Air Gun Reclassification Package,” which redefines the term “firearm” in the Michigan Code to exclude devices that propel a projectile by gas, spring or air. A copy of SB 789 can be found here

Renzulli Law Firm is Monitoring Firearm-Related Legislative Developments

Renzulli Law Firm, nationally recognized as one of the premier law firms in the country serving the Firearms Industry, is monitoring legislative developments affecting the industry and publishing regular updates which are available by e-mail and on this website.  Any questions you may have about these developments should be directed to John F. Renzulli or Christopher Renzulli.