September 3, 2014:

Alabama Residents to Vote on Making Firearm Ownership a Fundamental Right

In November, residents of Alabama will vote on The Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment (HB 8), a proposed amendment to Section 26 of the Alabama State Constitution sponsored by Representative Mike Jones (R). HB8 would amend Section 26 to make owning firearms a fundamental right, subject any restriction on the right to bear arms to strict scrutiny, and prevent Alabama citizens from being compelled “to take an action that interferes with their fundamental right to bear arms.” The bill is modeled after a similar amendment which was adopted in Louisiana in 2013. A copy of The Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment can be found here.

Cleveland Mayor Proposes “Gun Registry”

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is meeting with the Safety Committee of the Cleveland City Council today to present his proposal of Ordinance 931-14, a bill that would create a registry to track firearm offenders. If passed, the ordinance would require individuals convicted of firearm violations to register as an offender within five days of their release from prison or within five days of moving to Cleveland from another city or state. The ordinance would also make it a first-degree misdemeanor for non-law enforcement individuals to buy or acquire more than one firearm within 90 days or fail to report firearm sales or ownership transfers to Cleveland Police. Brett Pucillo, president of Ohio Carry, has stated that the ordinance runs afoul to state law and if passed, the ordinance “will be legally challenged that same day.” A copy of Ordinance 931-14 can be found here.

California Ammo Registration Bill Voted Down; “Gun Violence Restraining Order Bill” Passes

The California General Assembly voted down SB 53 on Saturday, an ammunition registration bill that sought to require firearm retailers to report information to the California Department of Justice regarding the identity and address of ammunition purchasers, as well as the sale date, ammunition type and quantity. A copy of SB 53 can be found here.

In the meantime, the General Assembly voted to pass the “Gun Violence Restraining Order Bill” (AB 1014). If signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, this bill, authored by Assemblypersons Nancy Skinner (D) and Das Williams (D), would amend the California Penal Code to allow for any individual citizen or law enforcement agency to submit an application to the court, setting forth facts for why a named person should be restrained from owning, purchasing or possessing a firearm. If the application is signed by a magistrate, a firearm seizure warrant would be issued to confiscate the named individual’s firearm. A copy of AB 1014 can be found here.

Renzulli Law Firm is Monitoring Firearm-Related Legislative Developments

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