September 17, 2014:

Missouri General Assembly Overrides Governor’s Veto

The Missouri General Assembly has voted 117-39 in favor of overriding Governor Nixon’s (D) veto of SB 656, a bill which allows specially trained school employees to carry concealed firearms on campuses. SB 656, sponsored by state Senator Will Kraus (R) and state Representative Kevin Elmer (R), also permits Missouri residents with a concealed weapons permit to carry firearms openly in all localities and lowers the required age to obtain a concealed weapons permit from 21 to 19. The regulations contained in SB 656 will go into effect on or about October 11, 2014. A copy of SB 656 can be found here.

Washington Residents to Vote on Universal Background Checks

On November 4, 2014, Washington residents will vote on Initiative 594, a bill which would require background checks for all firearm sales and transfers from private sellers in Washington State. The background check requirement would also include gun show transactions and online sales. Washington State currently requires background checks for sales from licensed dealers, but not for private transfers. The text of the widely-contested initiative reads, in pertinent part: “Criminal and public safety background checks are an effective and easy mechanism to ensure that guns are not purchased by or transferred to those who are prohibited  from possessing them.” The initiative provides a narrow exception to the background check requirement for gifts between immediate family members or for antiques. Software CEOs Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have donated approximately a combined $2 million in support of Initiative 594. A copy of Initiative 594 can be found here. 

Renzulli Law Firm is Monitoring Firearm-Related Legislative Developments 

Renzulli Law Firm, nationally recognized as one of the premier law firms in the country serving the Firearms Industry, is monitoring legislative developments affecting the industry and publishing regular updates which are available by e-mail and on this website. Any questions you may have about these developments should be directed to John F. Renzulli or Christopher Renzulli.