October 25, 2013: A guide to the NY Safe Act prepared for the New York State Police recently became public.  The 17-page guide (available here) provides explanations on various provisions of the NY Safe Act, including, for instance, the differences in penalties for possession of a magazine loaded with more than 7 rounds in the home versus the penalties for possessing such a magazine anywhere else.  The guide also clarifies that pre-1994 magazines are not legal under any circumstances under the NY Safe Act, and that possession of pre-1994 magazines prior to January 15, 2013 merely means that the penalties for illegal possession are reduced.  Another notable aspect of the guide is that it advises police that they must have probable cause before checking the magazine on someone’s firearm to see if it is loaded with more than 7 rounds.

In conjunction with RLF’s legislative monitoring and regular email updates, John Renzulli and Christopher Renzulli will be speaking at next week’s NASGW Show and January’s annual SHOT Show. Next week’s presentation will address the continuing legislative developments, including the new laws passed in California and the status of the various legal challenges to the new firearms laws.  The presentation will also provide insight on the state of the firearms industry in the wake of the various anti-gun legislative efforts around the country and what the future holds.  For more information about the upcoming presentations, contact John F. Renzulli or Christopher Renzulli.