October 17, 2013: Christopher Renzulli was recently asked to speak at the Nation’s Best Sports Fall Semi-Annual Show in Fort Worth, Texas.  Nation’s Best Sports, the largest sporting goods volume buying group in North America, has over 300 members which operate more than 800 retail stores, including many firearms and ammunition retailers.  This recent presentation focused on the new anti-gun laws passed this year as well as pending litigation challenging the new laws.  The presentation also addressed ways FFLs can protect their businesses amidst the waves of new legislation.

In conjunction with RLF’s legislative monitoring and regular email updates, we will also be appearing for speaking engagements at other upcoming firearms industry related events to keep industry members up to date on the new laws and provide insight on the state of the firearms industry in the wake of the various anti-gun legislative efforts around the country and what the future holds.


For more information about the recent presentation, upcoming presentations, or to address any questions you may have about recent firearm-related developments, contact John F. Renzulli or Christopher Renzulli.