Renzulli Law Firm’€™s asbestos litigation practice focuses on the defense of corporate clients in asbestos personal-injury actions filed in the State of New York. Renzulli Law Firm provides full coverage throughout New York, including New York County (“NYCAL”€) and all venues in upstate New York.

Our attorneys have served as local counsel and National Coordinating Counsel for corporate clients, including manufacturers, contractors, suppliers and premises owners. We are leaders in developing and advancing critical asbestos defense strategies. We bring a high level of expertise, experience and innovation to our clients’ defenses by structuring and implementing specific, unique defense strategies tailored to meet the needs of each of our individual clients. At the outset, our asbestos team engages in a comprehensive review of the medical, technical and legal aspects of each of our clients’€™ cases, and the unique features of our clients€™ particular products. We use that information to develop cutting-edge, innovative and effective defense strategies that are also cost-effective and cost-conscious.

The bottom line is that Renzulli Law Firm is committed to occupying a leadership position at the forefront of significant changes and developments within the asbestos litigation arena. We not only master the medicine, science and law but also possess the resources and experience to effectively defend high-risk asbestos cases in and out of the courtroom. Our lawyers regularly handle asbestos related matters including class actions, MDL 875 cases, product liability, premises liability and consolidated cases and our lawyers have been handling these types of asbestos matters since before the 1986 legislation (discovery rule) which extended the statute of limitations in latent exposure cases. We have negotiated global agreements and individual case settlements, and when proceeding to trial is deemed the prudent course of action, our seasoned team of trial attorneys has the ability and experience to successfully defend those cases utilizing state-of-the-art, medical and causation defenses and aggressively arguing for liability sharing and dismissals where appropriate.

We invite you to speak with us further about our Asbestos Litigation practice. Please contact Christopher Renzulli for more information.