The attorneys at Renzulli Law Firm have expertise in defending clients against product liability lawsuits that is second to none.  We represent manufacturers, distributors and retailers in connection with a wide range of products, including, but not limited to, firearms, ammunition, industrial machinery and equipment, elevators and escalators, household products, chemicals and pesticides, food products, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, lead paint, inks, tractors and lawn mowers, sports equipment, pools and diving boards, and compressed gas cylinders.  We serve as national counsel for a number of product manufacturers.  This relationship provides us with the ability to see beyond the present and enables Renzulli Law Firm to become a trusted advisor to our clients.  We recognize that what happens in one case often times has implications for others.  As such, we regularly counsel clients with regard to product literature, governmental compliance and risk management, as well as vigorously defend lawsuits.  Renzulli Law Firm has successfully served as liaison and lead trial counsel in industry-wide litigation in federal and state courts.  We have also defended complex class-action lawsuits throughout the nation.

We regularly counsel our clients on the content of their manufacturer, distributor and retailer agreements in order to address the current legal landscape. Our firm provides training and instruction to manufacturers on a national basis on the many regulatory issues affecting their businesses, including issues related to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

We also prepare and review all forms of product literature for our clients (including warnings, instruction manuals, advertisements, safety materials and websites) in an effort to preempt litigation emanating from these company documents. Our firm also counsels clients on the institution of recalls, retrofits and safety upgrades. We have successfully launched and monitored recall and retrofit campaigns for our clients. We also assist our clients in the area of risk assessment and avoidance in order to prevent liability and to prepare our clients for product issues should they arise.  Our attorneys also handle crisis management duties when issues arise, controlling press coverage, liability and impact to our clients’ business concerns.

Renzulli Law Firm’s asbestos litigation practice focuses on the defense of corporate clients in asbestos personal-injury actions filed in the State of New York. Renzulli Law Firm provides full coverage throughout New York, including New York County (“NYCAL”) and all venues in upstate New York. Our attorneys have served as local counsel and National Coordinating Counsel for corporate clients, including manufacturers, contractors, suppliers and premises owners. We are leaders in developing and advancing critical asbestos defense strategies. We bring a high level of expertise, experience and innovation to our clients’ defenses by structuring and implementing specific, unique defense strategies tailored to meet the needs of each of our individual clients. At the outset, our asbestos team engages in a comprehensive review of the medical, technical and legal aspects of each of our clients’ cases, and the unique features of our clients’ particular products. We use that information to develop cutting-edge, innovative and effective defense strategies that are also cost-effective and cost-conscious.

Our attorneys also often lecture and write on  product liability, mass tort, industry-wide liability and class action issues.

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