Our Intellectual Property practice focuses on maximizing the value and potential of our clients’ intellectual property rights. The Renzulli Law Firm approach is strategically tailored to our clients’ specific business needs, drivers and philosophies.  We work with our clients from invention and creation to maintenance and protection in order to help them achieve sustainability, value and growth.

Our Intellectual Property attorneys provide comprehensive services, including global trademark and copyright portfolio development and maintenance, Internet law, advertising and marketing law, right of publicity, technology, anti-counterfeiting, and intellectual property litigation.

We take a unique, proactive and efficient approach to identify and stop infringement wherever it occurs.  We have extensive experience prosecuting all forms of infringement, including trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, patent infringement and the dilutive use of marks by manufacturers and suppliers of aftermarket firearms products, parts, and accessories.  We are often able to achieve our clients’ objectives quickly and efficiently through cease and desist letters, take down notices and other means. We also have significant experience enforcing our clients’ intellectual property rights through litigation, proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and arbitration proceedings under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy seeking to transfer ownership of Internet domains to trademark owners. Additionally, we have developed comprehensive programs designed to efficiently detect and identify all forms of infringement as they arise and to ensure that the infringers we successfully halted remain in compliance with our clients’ demands.