April 18, 2014: Just more than a week ago, the trial ended in the 2nd Amendment challenge to Colorado’s 2013 anti-firearms legislation. Now, the fate of the law rests with Judge Marcia Krieger, and a decision could come any day.

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At the same time, the federal court challenges to the New York SAFE Act and Connecticut’s 2013 anti-gun legislation, are both on appeal to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  In the Connecticut case, the appellants’ brief challenging Judge Alfred Covello’s decision to uphold the Connecticut law is due May 16, 2014, while the appellants’ brief challenging Judge William Skretny’s decision to uphold most of the New York SAFE Act is due April 29, 2014.

Meanwhile, just as the New York SAFE Act’s April 15 registration deadline passed, New York State Supreme Court Judge Thomas McNamara dismissed Robert Schulz’s state court challenge to the emergency certification procedure by which Gov. Cuomo expedited passage of the New York SAFE Act.  Schulz has vowed to appeal the decision all the way to New York’s highest appellate court.  A copy of Judge McNamara’s decision is available here [post attachment to RLF site and add hyperlink].

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