As many readers know, Maura Healey, the Massachusetts Attorney General, recently issued an “Enforcement Notice” that attempted to “clarify” the definition of “assault weapons” in Massachusetts. Massachusetts General Law chapter 140, section 123 prohibits the sale of statutorily-defined “assault weapons” in the Commonwealth with certain exceptions. Although the Office of the Attorney General maintains that the “Enforcement Notice” is merely a clarification of the existing definition of “assault weapon,” the notice significantly expands the “assault weapon” definition and has left many firearms industry members in Massachusetts and throughout the country in a state of confusion about which firearms fall within the definition. A copy of the “Enforcement Notice” can be found here: Enforcement Notice. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has announced its intent to file a lawsuit challenging the Attorney General’s authority to issue the “Enforcement Notice.” Additionally, our firm is counseling numerous industry members concerning the Attorney General’s actions. For further information, contact Renzulli law Firm, LLP here.