November 5, 2014:

Firearm Advocates Win Big in Midterm Elections

Yesterday’s midterm elections proved victorious – for the most part – with respect to firearm rights around the country. In the race for Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner (R) defeated Pat Quinn (D), who was eager to renew the Illinois State assault weapons ban. Maryland elected a new governor, Larry Hogan (R), who is highly endorsed by the NRA. In Maine, new governor Paul R. LePage (R) was victorious against firearm-control advocate Michael Michaud (D), and in Florida, pro-Second Amendment incumbent Rick Scott (R) won reelection. In the Senate races, sitting Senator and gun-control candidate Mark Udall of Colorado was defeated by NRA-endorsed Cory Gardner (R), and West Virginia elected NRA-endorsed Shelley Moore Capito (R). The state of Washington, however, passed Initiative 594, which significantly expands the requirement of background checks for firearm transfers. A copy of Initiative 594 can be found here.

New Firearm Legislation Passed in Oklahoma

House Bill 2874, passed by the Oklahoma General Assembly this year, went into effect earlier this week. The bill modified the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act to create a three-year deadline on obtaining a firearm-license for those Oklahomans that have already earned an Oklahoma training certificate. There had previously been no deadline on obtaining a license once the training certificate was obtained. Oklahoma House Bill 2329 also went into effect this week. House Bill 2329 authorizes the storage of a licensed handgun in an unattended and locked “motor vehicle” on public or private elementary or secondary school property. A copy of House Bill 2874 can be found here. A copy of House Bill 2329 can be found here.