Renzulli Law Firm, LLP regularly represents federal firearms licensees who receive a report of violations from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) based on a compliance inspection.

We recently represented federally licensed firearms dealers in the ATF’s Dallas and Houston Field Divisions with regard to reports of violations they had received at the conclusion of compliance inspections.  The nature of the violations received by both of these dealers could have led to a notice of revocation of their federal firearms licenses.  The firm proactively contacted the ATF regarding the violations and worked with the dealers to institute and update written protocols for the transfer of firearms to prevent violations from reoccurring.  Using our strategic approach, we were able to prevent the ATF from issuing a notice of revocation and represented the dealers during a warning conference with the Director of Industry Operations.

The response that a federally licensed firearms dealer takes to a report of violations will undoubtedly have an effect on the actions taken by the ATF.  If you have recently been issued a report of violations based on an ATF compliance conference, please contact us to discuss steps that can be taken to protect your federal firearms license before the ATF takes further action.  If you received a report of violations after your last compliance inspection you will likely have another compliance inspection the next year.  If this is the case, or if it has been several years since you were last inspected, please contact Renzulli Law Firm, LLP to discuss procedures that can be adopted to minimize the chance that any violations will be identified during your next compliance inspection.