December 24, 2021

With the Holidays upon us, the tradition of family gatherings and last minute gift buying is in full swing. Although most firearm owners are cognizant of and practice safe firearm handling and storage – it is even more important to properly and safely store your firearms when you invite others into your home. As firearm owners, we understand the critical nature of firearm safety; so always have your firearms securely locked away from all of your guests, especially younger children. 

If you are gifting a firearm,  always remember the legal considerations and potential pitfalls. Of course, it is illegal to transfer a firearm to someone who is not legally permitted to possess a firearm. But we also need to be familiar with state and local laws regarding firearm ownership in the location where the recipient resides. Typically, you may purchase a new firearm that you intend to give as a gift or you may transfer a firearm that you already own. However, state laws related to the transfer of firearms vary state by state. Some states require transfers to be conducted by a licensed firearms retailer, so be sure to review all applicable laws and regulations before deciding to gift a firearm. If you wish to gift one of your loved ones a firearm this season, and have questions concerning your state laws, please contact us. In the alternative, a gift card from your local firearm retailer is always a good option.

The Renzulli Law Firm family wishes everyone a Happy Holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.