• Large capacity magazines.  The ban on loading a magazine with more than seven rounds, unless at a qualified range or shooting competition, became effective today, April 15, 2013.  Given a recent amendment to the NY SAFE Act, it continues to be legal in New York to purchase or sell a magazine with a capacity of up to ten rounds.
  • Registration of grandfathered assault weapons.   New York continues to ban the sale of assault weapons, and now uses an expanded definition of assault weapon to do so.  Previously owned assault weapons are grandfathered but must be registered with the State by April 15, 2014.  Effective today, April 15, 2013, New York State has begun accepting registration applications for grandfathered assault weapons and has launched an online process to do so, which can be found here.  
  • NYSRPA v Cuomo.  In this constitutional challenge against the NY SAFE Act led by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, the plaintiffs are seeking an injunction from the federal court in Buffalo to stop the enforcement of New York’s bans on assault weapons and large capacity magazines pending resolution of their lawsuit.

Renzulli Law Firm is Monitoring Firearm-Related Legislative Developments

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