February 23, 2022 – Arizona State Representative Quang Nguyen recently introduced House Bill 2448, which would require public and charter schools to provide students in grades six through twelve with “one or more training sessions in firearms safety in an age-appropriate manner.”  If enacted into law, Arizona schools would be required to offer firearms safety training to students by a qualified instructor regarding, at minimum, all of the following:

  • The safe handling of all firearms, including pellet guns and air guns;
  • The identification of danger signs or careless handling of firearms and the appropriate response; and
  • The proper storage of firearms and ammunition.

The proposed bill states that the training should not include instruction on firearms operation, qualification, or hunting, but rather “ensure that students know how to identify the safe and unsafe handling of firearms and the appropriate response.”  Students would be able to opt out of the instruction if their parent requests that they be excused, or if they have a qualifying disability. The legislative intent section of the bill states that it was proposed in reaction to “increasing concern over the safety of schools,” and that its intention is for “children in this state [to] receive instruction about firearms from a qualified individual with a focus on safety rather than from popular culture and various forms of media.” 

House Bill 2448 recently passed out of committee, and will now proceed to the full Arizona House of Representatives for a vote.  If it passes in the House, which holds a Republican majority, it will then proceed to the State Senate.  The bill has largely been opposed by Democrats and is expected to draw votes along party lines.  

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