Renzulli Law Firm led two lively and informative seminars this year at SHOT Show 2017, one called “Ask a Firearms Attorney” and one on “Intellectual Property”.  During our “Ask a Firearms Attorney” seminar we highlighted a range of hot topics facing the Industry, including political issues, legislative trends, prominent Industry litigation and the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).  There was considerable interest in issues related to range owners and operators, which resulted in an engaging discussion on several topics impacting shooting ranges and retailers.

At our “Intellectual Property” seminar, attendees were given an overview of key intellectual property concepts and issues affecting the Industry. One of the themes of the seminar was to engage in smart and effective intellectual property strategies that fit within your budget, goals and business model. Michael Patrick was featured on SHOT Show TV following our intellectual property seminar.  You can watch his interview here (at the 19:49 minute mark).

Renzulli Law Firm Senior Associate Scott Allan’s work was highlighted in the Day 4 edition of “SHOT Daily” (at page 36).  The article, titled “Peace of Mind” by Cathy Glazer, highlighted the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc.’s (NSSF) Premium Retail Membership program. In the article, Marty Patison of All Pawn, Inc. II praised Mr. Allan’s expertise and commitment to ensuring that the company’s license was not revoked, going so far as to explain that “Attorney Allan flew down here and went over everything with me to the smallest detail” and the company was “super, super well prepared” as a result of Mr. Allan’s involvement.